First Post

First, I suppose I should explain the title; that seems fair.

So it all started with my very first blog post (some time earlier this year), found here. Yes it is primitive, I had great plans (and still do!) for it, but alas university claimed a lot of my time this year.

I recently purchased the domain, and have been putting it to use! Since my previous registrar did not provide access to an API, updating the DNS settings of my previous domain, yggpi, proved rather frustrating. Luckily with my new registrar godaddy they have a developer API that has allowed me to automate the job of keeping my DNS records pointing to the correct devices. The script that does this can be found here, the nice thing about this is that my domain will always point to my raspberry pi which is hosting all parts of my website (as I setup a crontab to ensure this script gets run on boot).

I am very happy with the progress of my website so far. The setup is vastly superior to my previous setup (and way more simpler), followed is a brief explanation of the current setup of which I will dive into further detail in another post.

The "core" of my website runs on nginx, which I use as a reverse proxy to map sub-domains to the correct "handler". For the static "root" part of my website is run using lighttpd which is nice and fast. Just about everything else runs inside a docker container (git, irc web chat, this blog, project section), which I shall go into more detail in a later blog post!

I feel as this raps up my first blog post, I plan to have daily (and at least weekly) posts on here detailing everything that I am up to :D

~ Skiqqy