This post will be short, and simply highlight the changes that occured in the migration

So I finally migrated from ghost to my own implementation of a blog, in its current form, my blog is a combination of 3 things, namely

  • bash
    • Handles post creation && assists in building the final blog, More specically, this script.
  • mdbook
    • Handles the "heavy" lifting of creating the website from several markdown files
  • gwiki
    • Handles hosting and rebuilding if changes are pushed to the project repository

Thus my blog has the appearance of a static website, but with changes pushed to the project repository, these changes are detected, and the project is rebuilt and deployed. Thus giving the feel of a "live" site.

This new blog also includes an rss feed.

Creating a Post

Creating a new post is rather simple, I do something like

$ ./blog post TITLE

This opens the new post in my $EDITOR, and I can then write my post, then I simply

$ git add . && git commit -m 'New Post' && git push # Add latest post and push

This will then cause the gwiki instance to deploy the changes.

And thats that, everything else remains the same (Post content)

~ Skiqqy